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A Year of Song curated by Andrew Smith photo

This Light Lingers | A Year of Song. A Collection of Spiritual Songs curated by Andrew Smith

This Light Lingers – A Year of Song

A few words from the curator:

The concept for an album of spiritual songs has been brewing in my imagination for many many years. These are songs that have impacted me deeply and have become like companions to me. And since I own a professional recording studio, I have, over the past several years, been able to record these songs with my own arrangements. This is of course a personal collection, and though you might be surprised at my definition of a ‘spiritual’ song, I’m sure you too will be nourished and inspired by digging deep into these songs.

I was a young child when I first experienced the power of music to take you to another place - and it’s why I first picked up a guitar. We have all experienced how music and art can have a transcendent effect on us. I have been a songwriter, music producer and touring musician for 30 years. For 5 of those years I worked as a church musician. Many of the songs we did in church in those days were quite simple both musically & lyrically because they were meant to be quickly learned and sung by groups of people, yet the songs brought this feeling of being drawn and lifted into a state of meditation. That feeling has always captivated me, and it is what guided me as I chose the songs for this collection.

So where did I find the songs for this collection? Well, some of these songwriters are famous names like Leonard Cohen, Mike Scott of the Waterboys, and Bruce Cockburn, and some are my songwriter friends or people I have met on the road. I was looking for those ‘big picture’ songs that create a feeling of transcendence, and that also bear repeated listening because of their musical and lyrical quality.

There are certain songs that stop you in your tracks and you need to hear them again and again. That is why we are releasing this collection slowly – just two songs per month - to give time to meditate on a theme. Think of them as spiritual meditations and listen to them in different places, different emotional states, different times of the day, etc.

Think of your subscription to ‘This Light Lingers – A Year Of Song’ as a monthly contemplative podcast. We will release two songs per month for 12 months – a year of song! EnJOY.

digging down deep,
Andrew Smith

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A Year of Song curated by Andrew Smith
Kelowna, British Columbia
Andrew Smith is a producer and singer/songwriter from Kelowna, BC.

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